Past Productions

In the past, we produced Paul Claudel's The Tidings Brought To Mary translated by Wallace Fowlie at Union Congregational Church of Montclair, Roar by Betty Shamieh at Where Eagles Dare Theater in New York City and Opera Buffoonia by Pascal Sagratella as part of the Play Outside Festival.

Billie Alexopoulos and Al Nazemian in Betty Shamieh's ROAR.
Lighting by David Castaneda.

Maurice Wilson, Anne Gaynor, Josh Shirley and Silas Hoover in
Pascal Sagratella's Opera Buffoonia

Maya Serhan and Omar Koury in Betty Shamieh's ROAR

Josh Shirley in Pascal Sagratella's Opera Buffoonia

Hend Ayoub in Betty Shamieh's ROAR

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